Work Wild and AGM

I’m just back from our AGM. What a wonderful and successful event we had! Perfect weather, lively panel sessions, great speakers... oh, and a win in the golf tournament for my team!


One of the things that was really evident at this year’s event is the effect that better times for our industry is having on the psychology of everyone who works in forestry. We’re seeing plenty of optimism, and that has translated into big investments in facilities, reaching out to expand markets, and a desire to tell forestry’s good story.


Speaking of reaching out and telling our story, the Work Wild program has been doing a fantastic job. The program has been a hit in forest communities around the province, and we just keep getting calls from teachers who want a presentation delivered to their classroom. It’s not difficult to see why – Work Wild has a great message about the sustainability of the industry and the many different career opportunities that we offer.


It seems that the message is resonating with youth, too. Since Work Wild began, we have seen a dramatic increase in first year enrolments in forestry programs. The technician program at NAIT was oversubscribed this year... this only a couple of years after the program had to reduce capacity due to low enrolment. Over at the U of A, first year enrolment has tripled in the past two years! These results are great and bode very well for our future.